RAPID-MIX at the JUCE Summit

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RAPID-MIX at the JUCE Summit

RAPID-MIX team member and Goldsmiths reader in creative computing Mick Grierson was present at the JUCE summit on 19-20th November, alongside representatives from Google, Native Instruments, Cycling ’74 and other key music industry players. Mick is Innovation Manager for RAPID-MIX, running the whole project as well as being a key developer of MIX technologies.


Even if you haven’t heard of JUCE, chances are you’ve used it without knowing. It is an environment in which you can build plug-ins, music software and more, and is perhaps best known as the environment in which Cycling 74’s Max MSP is built and runs. It’s ever present in the background of a lot of audio software. The summit brought together key technologists in the music industry, and it was a pleasure and an honour to have a RAPID MIX presence amongst them

Mick spoke between David Zicarelli (from Cycling 74) and Andrew Bell (Cinder), presenting his C++ audio DSP engine Maximilian, describing how it integrates with JUCE, Cinder, Open Frameworks and other tools. Maximilian is an incredibly powerful, lightweight audio engine which will form a key part of the RAPID API we will be launching soon. If you want to dig deeper, check out the Maximilian library on Github here:


JUCE is now owned by RAPID-MIX partners ROLI, and we’re excited about future developments involving RAPID-MIX, Juce and the creative music industry partners present at the summit. Stay tuned for more news!